Importance Of Deep Web & Dark Web In Your Risk Detection Strategy

Deep Web & Dark Web

The deep web and dark web are still a mystery, even among information technology and security professionals. Because indices do not exist on these alternative webs, businesses need to work with an investigator or a company that specializes in monitoring people, places, or keywords across the deep and dark web.

The dark web is not new, but it has increased in popularity over the years. “This is driven by a few things,” explained Tyler Logtenberg, Senior Product Manager at thred.

“Modern television depicts the dark web as ‘mysterious’. And hacker groups like ‘Anonymous’ have become a ‘hip’ part of youth culture.” Also, some high-profile breaches, threats, and investigations have originated on the dark web.

Your security team would need to take into consideration a risk mitigation strategy. This would include the monitoring of widespread topics on the dark web, such as intellectual property protection. It includes people selling company secrets, fraud protection, counterfeit items, and prototype designs, ways your business can be negatively impacted.

Another security consideration is the protection of your brand and your people. Unfortunately, the deep and dark webs are places where anyone can post requests for assassinations of your company executives (or any employee, for that matter). They may also use the message boards to develop and share conspiracy theories about your company, which can have a very negative impact on your brand and reputation.

Big corporations are also likely targets of organized crime. Message boards for hacker groups can have sensitive information displayed. Many companies have mandates for their security team to be aware of these threats and to check the dark web. Yet many organizations do not know where to start because of the lack of organization. Using a company, such as thred, that specializes in this monitoring will assist your search of the wild, wild west of the digital landscape.

“The best way for an average company to monitor the dark web is to regularly view some of the big marketplace sites. In addition to a few of the large sites or message boards for mentions of their company” said Logtenberg. Many sites have built-in search functions within the site where you can start to look up keywords, terms, and people. Fraud and intellectual property protection are much more complicated because of the multitude of places to look. In this case, the organization benefits from specialized experts on the dark web.

A Chief Security Officer should be aware of the following three things to improve the security of their company. First, be aware of the tools and practices that someone would use to put information on the dark web. It will help identify where the information can be linked during an investigation. The second is to set up a secure way for members of your security team to have a regular review of some of the big markets to look for keywords and code names of your application. The third would be to start regularly monitoring the websites on the surface web that provide indexes of the frauds on the dark web.

thred has performed heavy research and development to expand the managed services offerings to include the dark web. And also has abilities to rapidly add new websites and social networks to upcoming product releases.

Company information and intellectual property need to have the same protection that you would grant your bank accounts. Keeping on top of dark web technology and trends will help stay ahead of potential threats before they become crises.