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Malicious Influence, Deepfakes & Political Security in 2019

AI and machine learning represent a big step forward in how computers learn. It is now possible to quickly and automatically analyze more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results. These technologies offer organizations a better chance of identifying opportunities, or avoiding unknown risks. On the flip side, they also make it easier and cheaper for criminals with technical savvy to undermine political security.

Right now, many of us rely almost entirely on the internet to get our daily news. What happens when none of that information can be trusted? It is much easier today to contribute to the spread of misinformation than it was in the past. With AI and machine learning, malicious hackers can act as a destabilizing force within government and civilian life.

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Digital Risk Investigation Techniques Used In Higher Education

Learn How a Major University Used Digital Risk Investigation Techniques to Successfully Prepare for Potential Campus Unrest: Safe Schools Week

The Challenge: A top American University is a home to over 28,000 students and 1,500 staff members. Its campus expands to 960 acres with 285 buildings, 13 of which are student residences. Having visibility and awareness of campus events and activities is critical to the protection for all. The university also recognized how essential it is to have clarity and insights on social media platforms for the increased security and safety of its campus and student body. 

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Importance Of Deep Web & Dark Web In Your Risk Detection Strategy

Deep Web & Dark Web

The deep web and dark web are still a mystery, even among information technology and security professionals. Because indices do not exist on these alternative webs, businesses need to work with an investigator or a company that specializes in monitoring people, places, or keywords across the deep and dark web.

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5 Tips on How to Select a Threat Intelligence Vendor

5 Tips on How to Select a Threat Intelligence Vendor

Threat Intelligence

Your company most likely has IT security tools used to plug into the network infrastructure. But that often doesn't tell security analysts any information about the source of the attack or who it is that has indirect access. Most importantly, the tools don’t provide the data and insights you need to a proactive threat intelligence strategy.

You need a provider that can provide a healthy balance between a high volume of cyber threat intelligence and targeted threat intelligence.

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